Sketches I'd Like to Finish

Just started this one so, there's a lot of issues here that still need to be resolved.   I don't do enough vehicles and this one isn't too terrible so I'll definitely finish it.

An experiment in lighting.  It's a shame I got so far on this with such a boring pose.  Oh well, I could waste time fixing it or I could learn from it and move on...

Some quick composition studies using the lasso and gradient tools.

I might go back to this one and resolve some of those lighting issues... maybe?  I don't know...

I did this one a while back on my phone using Sketchbook pro then took it into Photoshop and threw on some adjustment layers and made a few tweaks for fun.

I don't really do all that much fantasy stuff, but these were really satisfying to work on.  I'll probably go back and finish the giant at some point.

This was for a CHOW on Conceptart.org from a while back.  It was an excuse to try out a different sketching style.