I started this tonight at Trevor's.  I'll try something more interesting with the lower legs tomorrow, but for now... sleep.

You remember when I said I'd post updates as I progressed on the M.U.L.E.?  I lied.
Here's where I left off on it.  I was spending too much time on it and just lost my focus, so I thought I'd step away from it for a bit.  That was like, a month ago...

I've been really trying to improve how I approach environment pieces, so that's been my focus for the last month.  There's still too much noodling going on, but I do feel more confident with each one, so I guess that's something.

This weekend I spent some time on the iPad using Procreate.  The lack of pressure sensitivity or adjustment layers has really helped me free up and get back to the actual drawing like a real artist... with a small rubber nubbed stylus.
Expect a lot more of these.