...I'm just saying, it sounds like a medical condition.

Here are some illustrations that I did for the new Eclipse Phase book, Rimward.

Automated asteroid mining operation

A sentient space-crab contemplates the sun from the orbit of Neptune... just take a minute to let that sink in... good.  Now your body is ready.

A ship dock in orbit over Ganymede

I thought I'd show off the thumbnails that I did on the iPad.  Now, I'm not saying I was on the toilet when I made these... but I'm not saying I wasn't..

An alternate take on the asteroid mining where the facility acts almost like a lathe, spinning the rock in it's arms.


Here are some more iPad sketches using Procreate.  I cheated and ran levels and sharpen on them after.

I did this one during the Massive Black workshop using Nathan Campbell's sweet Jot Touch... unfortunately my first gen iPad couldn't take advantage of the pressure sensitivity.

More from my "Space Guys Holding Big Things" series

The designs on the next two are nothing special, but they were fun either way.

It turns out the reflective screen isn't all that bad outdoors either.
Yeah I paint clouds, don't be jealous.